VIDEO: Throwing and trimming a small closed form lidded jar

About 6 minutes video how I throw closed form lidded jar from one piece of clay. Throwing the jar and lid from one piece of clay and trimming and refining it on the next day

How I throw a lidded jar from one lump of clay on the potter’s wheel. I throw the cylinder and then close the top to form the lid. I use an old chopstick to push in the rim, separating the lid and body part. Next day when the clay is leather hard, I cut off the lid from the body, trim, refine and burnish the clay to give the final shape and feel.

I use red firing stoneware, it looks mustard yellow when fresh, orange red when bisque fired and dark red-brown when fired to 1200 C. The final piece will only get glaze to inside, the outside will remain un-glazed, with a pleasant silky soft and warm feel when you hold it in your hand.


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VIDEO: Making of a teapot

VIDEO: Making of a teapot

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