Web page has hatched

It has been a lot of screen hours behind the computer developing the web page and reflecting on my work and values. Finally I can open my new home for my ceramics and handcraft

It is an important day to me. I can finally release my web page – the new home for my ceramics.

I think it was somewhere early October when I really started working on my web page. It really feels like hatching an egg. Starting with a pen and paper to sketch a vision, then starting with a structure of pages, looking for designs, comparing the web page engines and platforms, to choose the one I can work future.  And then of course endless hours on building and rebuilding the pages.

During the time I reflected a lot with myself on the work I have done so far and the direction I want that to move on. I looked into the values, I reviewed my work what I have been doing, what I like and also what I don’t as well defining the principles and concept of my art and craft that fits my soul. I tried to answer the Why question, not just what I do, but how I do and Why I do it. Read my design concept page to deeply look into my view of ceramics art.

There is still lot of work waiting ahead also behind the screen. There is lots of content waiting to be published and my next big step will be setting up a web shop and integrating it in here.

So when that web shop exactly will be opened?

We often feel that things happen to us either too early or too late, but in fact they do happen always when the time is right. Follow my Social media profiles and my blog – I will give hints and announcements when the time is right and closing in.

My desk, working with homepage.
My desk working with homepage


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