Design concept

Simple and functional objects complemented with subtle details, crafted with love and care.

Timeless and unobtrusive beauty enriching your everyday.

When you look at the artwork of an artist, you see the reflection of their sole.

Purpose, function and aesthetics

We surround ourselves with various objects, often they are linked to who we are and what we value. Those objects help us create the atmosphere and mood in our homes and around us. Sometimes they have simple aesthetical value, sometimes the value is the memories they remind us and sometimes they the value is in the everyday use enriching our lively experience in our habits. There are objects we favor and objects we hide away.

When making my ceramic vessels I often consider the purpose, the function and aesthetics. For me they stand together as integrity and come in the order where the purpose defines the functional aspects and aesthetics supplements the purpose.

In aesthetics I often resonate to the Japanese pillars of aesthetics and design. Like “Shibui” or “Shibosa” describing balance between simplicity and subtle complexity.  I don’t claim my work corresponds to it, but I do strive for it making simple and refined ceramics ware with earthy and pleasant look and feel.

Simple and functional objects complemented with subtle details, crafted with love and care.

In my work I focus on simple designs, simple and functional objects we can have practical use in or daily lives.

I often combine the glazed and unglazed areas of the ware to make the contrasts, but also to bring out the ancient material that has developed long before humans started walking on the Earth. 

Sometimes adding subtle textures to the unglazed areas and occasionally leaving the whole outside of the ware unglazed letting the beauty of the clay shine with a soft and warm finish. 

Mastery of crafting a refined ceramics resonates with my sole and my being. Attention to detail, the way how the lid sits on the jar, how the teapot pours tea and the refined finish of a foot and bottom of any vessel I make leaves no mark on the tabletops.  I love what I do, and I put this care in every piece my hand creates.

Timeless and unobtrusive beauty enriching your everyday.

The way how we perceive beauty is so versatile. When looking into modern art our emotions vary on interpreting and understanding the art. But still there seem to be in the genes a sense of beauty that we all understand and see the same way.  It is timeless and natural, stands aside from the trends in an unobtrusive way leaving us the space to discover, observe and embrace.

As an example of an unobtrusive beaty can be a vase with a rose when the vase lets the rose shine, and in its own silent way reveals and brings forward the beauty of the rose.  In this way the vase is merely a tool, and when not presenting the rose, it just stands there silently and waits for the moment to fulfill its purpose. 

When I was together with some other fellow ceramicists one said that we are doing art, not pots. I wish we are doing more pots than art, where the focus could be on the craft and mastery, letting the art be born from the mastery of own craft. There is as much art in every craft as there is craft in every art. 

There is so many things made in the world every day I feel there is no room and no purpose for making just another trendy and cool artifact. I try to put my making aside from all the cool things so it could withstand the trends, bringing some silent and long lasting joy to your life while using them.

Design collections

Ice cracle

You make your first steps on frozen water - it surprises you. 

A glaze with many names: ice coracle, tortoise shell, snowflake and many more. Just like the appearance is leaving room for a surprise.

My limited-edition signature collection.

Stardust collection - closeup of a jar with Tea Dust glaze


You look up and count the stars. How many did you get ?

When the odds become even during the firing process the glaze develops beautiful golden microcrystals. Sometimes covering the whole ware with golden hue and other times just few golden sparks like stars.

Black stoneware teapot, a tea bowl and storage jar

Midnight shadows

Shadows hide the color opening the playground of light and dark.

Made from black Spanish stoneware clay with added contrast or sometimes just bare black natural clay to pay tribute to the material itself.

Lidded jars from red clay and buff speckled glaze


You come home, make some tea, sit in your armchair and all around is silence.

The warmth and softness of the look and feel of red stoneware, complemented with light buff speckled glaze.

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