Design collections

Discover my designs with different look and feel.
Form icy look and golden hues to soft reds and shades of back.

Ice crackle

A glaze with many names: ice crackle, tortoise shell, snowflake and many more.

My main limited-edition signature collection where every piece is unique with its own pattern of cracks.

Made with thick layer of crackle glaze where the fractures run not only vertically throw the glaze but also horizontally inside, developing the look of cracked ice. Hence also its name – Ice Crackle.  


Ice Crackle glaze closeup view


Microcrystalline structure of Tea-dust glaze

When the odds become even during the firing process the iron rich glaze develops beautiful golden microcrystals. Sometimes covering the whole ware with golden hue and other times just few golden sparks like stars.

Glaze that’s originally called “Tea-Dust” and was mainly used in Imperial ware.

Midnight shadows

Shadows hide the color opening the playground of light and dark.

Made from black Spanish stoneware clay with added contrast or sometimes just bare black natural clay to pay tribute to the material itself.


Black stoneware vases with white contrasting decoration


Morning coffee set. Coffee jar, Coffee dipper and two cups

You come home, make tea, sit in the armchair, and catch your breath…

Here are cups, bowls and other simple dishes that give everyday life a calm, clean, modest, and rustic feel.