Simple, Subtle, Timeless.

Handmade ceramics by Kristjan Klementi


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About me

Its nice to meet you here.

I am Kristjan Klementi
And I make pottery craft in my tiny home studio.

Read my journey from a corporate career to becoming a potter.


The design concept

Simple and functional objects complemented with subtle details, crafted with love and care.

Timeless and unobtrusive beauty enriching your everyday.


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Made with love, passion and care.

When the mind is free the body can create. Not only I do what I love, but also love what I do. Every time the clay is put on the potter’s wheel, I put a lot of care and attention to what I do.

For me art is not just creativity, but also mastery and skills of creating.

Every piece I make is my journey to mastery. Every little detail has its meaning and importance to bring them together into the final fine vessels in one integrity, so the final piece is not just nice, but pleasant to the eye and silky smooth to the hand to hold them. My work is made to be used with a hope they will withstand the test of time.

Design collections

Ice cracle

You make your first steps on frozen water - it surprises you. 

A glaze with many names: ice coracle, tortoise shell, snowflake and many more. Just like the appearance is leaving room for a surprise.

My limited-edition signature collection.

Stardust collection - closeup of a jar with Tea Dust glaze


You look up and count the stars. How many did you get ?

When the odds become even during the firing process the glaze develops beautiful golden microcrystals. Sometimes covering the whole ware with golden hue and other times just few golden sparks like stars.

Black stoneware teapot, a tea bowl and storage jar

Midnight shadows

Shadows hide the color opening the playground of light and dark.

Made from black Spanish stoneware clay with added contrast or sometimes just bare black natural clay to pay tribute to the material itself.

Lidded jars from red clay and buff speckled glaze


You come home, make some tea, sit in your armchair and all around is silence.

The warmth and softness of the look and feel of red stoneware, complemented with light buff speckled glaze.

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