My new makers marks

Makers marks are like a signature. Adding my mark is always the last thing I do when everythin is finished. It's like saying "the work is ready now".

by | Nov 28, 2022 | Studio diary | 0 comments

Havin own mark on the work is like putting a signature on it. Its always the last thing I add when everything is ready, like saying: “the work is ready now”.

I have had some marks that I have made myself out of stoneware clay and porcelain. But I needed a bit more refined one, and one that presses in the letter. I’ve received my new pottery stamps today and I absolutely love those. I like when the mark is small, and I was worried how that will come out. But the work is just so perfect.

The left three are the very early marks I’ve carved from stoneware. The middle white one is carved from porcelain, and I’ve used it now quite some time. When the clay is hard already then it was difficult to press the mark into the clay so I needed a mark that will press just the letter and the circle. Now I have 2 new marks to be used. One on the left was designed by my wife and the one on the right I took from my logo, this is the same letter K inside the cycle that you see on the left top corner.


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