Video: Throwing and trimming a wide and shallow lidded jar

10 minutes video of making a shallow lidded jar on the potter's wheel. Throwing the body and the lid and trimming them next day.


I’m absolutely not envying them who need to spend the day in the office today or spending hours in video meetings. Just recalling back some old days of my work life.

If your head is not spinning around from the endless meetings and other spinning things don’t make your head spin around then you can make a small pause and watch the video of making a shallow and wide lidded jar. it’s always fun to see the clay spinning on the potter’s wheel and the hands doing what they need to do.

It’s around 10 minutes video with some background music and studio sound, including the squeaky sound of the wheel that it makes on slow turning.

My first ever video I have made so I hope you forgive if it is not on that technical level as the professional video potters do. All together it took me around 10 minutes throwing the body and the lid, about an hour to trim both parts and to fit them perfectly together and countless hours to learn how to mix a short video together. Hopefully with next videos it shall take much less time to mix them. after all its the pots I want to make, but this is also just one side aspect we need to deal nowadays.


  1. 1.41

    A well crafted video and a beautiful pot. Thank you for sharing this.


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